Why is collagen important for skin?

Why is collagen important for skin?
Adela Alexa

Being one of the strongest proteins in your body, collagen makes out about 70% of the weight of your skin and almost 30% of your total body protein mass. Forming long collagen fibers by linking and winding together amino acids, it provides strength to the skin, holding it together. It also helps repairing and renewing your cells and keeping the skin moist.

You can find collagen in your skin but also in your cartilage, ligaments, connective tissue, teeth, bones and even the valve of your heart.

Unfortunately, after a certain age, the body doesn't produce enough collagen so it must be acquired via your diet in order to boost collagen synthesis and to form healthy protein fibers. So, if you don’t want your collagen levels to decrease, you need to nourish your body with iron and vitamin C and other natural nutrients.

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